UK weather forecast: Unusual low pressure ‘attack’ triggers downpours, thunder for weekend | Weather | News


“We’re talking cooler, wetter and windier than average, we’re usually talking about low pressure and that’s the set up over the next few days. High pressure has been dominating throughout spring, but now this low is moving in.

“It is unusual though because look at where it’s coming from – it’s not coming from the Atlantic, its spiralling out from Scandinavia, coming across the north sea, so wet and windy weather arriving from the northeast.”

Explaining the unusual positioning of the low-pressure system Mr Deakin said: “It’s to do with the unusual position of the Jetstream. That’s not spiralling in from the Atlantic instead, it is driving south.

“It’s not especially strong – the Jetstream will weaken at this time of year – but it is coming in from the north and it kind of curls round on itself, allowing this low pressure to develop and sit with us throughout the weekend.

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