An in Depth Look at Yamaha Generator EF2600


Portable generators for personal use have become one of the more recognized necessities for emergencies. With the loss of power due to problems such as storms, vehicle accidents, the falling of trees, malfunction at a power company, etc, many people have come to realize the importance of portable generators. Yamaha generators create a wide variety of generators to fit every need for power, size, and fuel consumption. They build both consumer and industrial use generators. One of their cheapest and most effective premium generators for consumer use is the EF2600 model.

With a price tag of only $798, the EF2600 is a Yamaha generator that will not break any bank accounts. This is a highly affordable model compared to some consumer generators that can cost well over $3,500. This makes the possibility of owning and using a generator open to people of all types. Furthermore, with the price of fuel fluctuating so rapidly, consumers will find greater use for a generator that is fuel efficient. The EF2600 has a decently sized 3.2 gallon gas tank. However, even with so little fuel, the EF2600 can still put out 2600 watts of power for 11 hours. This is very useful for households who need to run appliances for several hours at a time. With the EF2600, even a household without power for an extended length of time can still run and operate without excessive costs of fuel.

Another problem that is commonly seen with portable generators is that they are not as portable as they are made out to be. Heavy generators can make it difficult for both young, old, women, and those without much strength to move and start them. However, at only 90 pounds, the EF2600 is a relatively light generator. This makes it possible to be used by most people in case of any emergency. Not only that, but the EF2600 is quite rugged as well. It has a full rollover cage in the event that it happens to fall over. This not only prevents the generator from being damaged, but also makes it easier to get upright again.

There are several other features of the EF2600 that make it a great choice for households who desire to have a good generator at a reasonable price. The engine is a 4-stroke, single cylinder, with an overhead valve and is air-cooled. This generator boasts an auto-decompression system as well as an adjustable governor and brushless alternator. There is also an AC non-thermal breaker and a ground fault circuit interrupter.

The EF2600 also makes is convenient to check the oil, fuel, and volts that are being put out. There is a convenient fuel and oil gauge that allows the user to see precisely how much is left in the generator. This helps to prevent unwanted stalls in powers. Another feature of the EF2600 is the specially designed muffler. This allows the house to have power without the nuisance of not being able to hear anything over the generator.

Overall, the EF2600 is a wonderful product of Yamaha generators. It offers affordability and power within a compact design that can fit in almost any household.

Source by Cam Forbes


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