Cheap PV Inverter Prices Analysis


A PV inverter is an essential part of a solar power system, and so buying an efficient one is extremely important. However, today’s fact is these products are always not cheap and their qualities vary from brand to brand. Based on these concerns, it is necessary to give a clear analysis about cheap PV inverters.

The true fact is if one needs an excellent product, he has to pay much because high quality ones are built with advanced technologies and good design, which are all supported by skilled employees. Usually you have to hire them with equivalent payments. Otherwise, they won’t be hired. Also, excellence is usually finished with lots of energy and needs a long time. This is also cost. Thus, being cheap might mean less time and energy.

In this respect, it seems buying cheap solar inverters is a dream. As for this concept, I cannot totally agree. Although excellence needs skilled workers, a long time and lots of energy, these costs can also be reduced if you choose proper ways. For example, if one product designed by a person in India might not be as expensive as the one designed by someone in the UK. The general living standards are different and so their payments vary as well. This doesn’t necessarily suggest that the product designed in the UK is much better than the one made in India. So, using relatively cheap laborers is one way out but not all.

The second concern is you need to carefully define “cheap”. The truth is without comparison, you will never know which is cheap. Buying a cheap solar PV inverter can also mean buying one cheaper than the usual priced products. After learning this idea, you will just pick out the one that is cheaper than the same kind of others. Indeed, it can also mean the price is most suitable for you not for others. If efficiency is concerned, “cheap” must mean you have a good product bought with a reasonable price.

The third concern is being excellent doesn’t have to mean lots of time and energy. The precondition is your hired PV inverter professionals are extremely excellent that they can make great products even within relatively less time and energy.

By reading all the information, we know that moving your high cost business parts to a place where these parts are cheap is an excellent solution. Indeed, many industry giants have done that including SMA. China is now opening up to the outside world and it has relatively cheap labor and land rental. So, many foreign companies have entered the Chinese market, including Apple, Samsung, Toyota, Sony and so on. The truth is solar inverter suppliers making products in China can lower their costs and better serve their customers. And native Chinese inverters and panels are even cheap, which has then made the US think these manufacturers are dumping. Indeed, being cheap is a threat to being expensive.

However, being cheap is not necessarily not problematic. Cheap PV inverter products may have some obvious shortcomings. For example, cheap products may have experienced less testing than the expensive. This means they can made trouble for buyers. Yet, there is still one more concern. Even though an inverter meets the highest standards of one nation, it might not meet the standards of another, because their measurements are different. But this doesn’t mean the product is not good enough. In addition, the highest quality products may be expensive, but high quality products can also even meet your entire standards. At this time cheap prices can be possible. This may mean more problems but they should be within your tolerance. Cheap costs may mean less payment to the workers, but you don’t have to worry about this, for the workers themselves will do.

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