Build a Homemade Wind Generator or Solar Power Generator


When oil prices were relatively low compared to current prices, it did not cross our mind that we might be well advised to seek alternate energy sources. Recent high prices have caused many of us sit upright and think. It might be worthwhile to examine the alternatives. You may be quite surprised to discover that you can build your own solar power generator using commonly available materials at minimal investment. To back up this resource that is only beneficial during sunny periods, add a homemade wind generator to take advantage of the wind even while the sun is not offering much to your efforts. The final piece to the puzzle would be an efficient method to store away a reserve of this electricity you have produced using a home wind turbine or solar power generator.

The important thing to understand is this. All the parts that you require are readily available to you today at minimal investment. You can build a wind electric generator from parts that in large part can be purchased from your local metal salvage yards. The same can be said about your solar power generator. You can purchase the more technical and sophisticated parts piecemeal from product specific suppliers. If you don’t live near a large city, turn to the internet. You can safely purchase literally anything you need on the internet in this day and age. The cells for your solar power can be purchased in bulk quite economically and combine those with locally purchased hardware and you will create a solar power generator that will pay you back for years to come.

A wind electricity generator, for the most part can be constructed from locally purchased surplus and scrap metal at scrap metal prices. Again, a homemade wind generator will require a few project specific items of a more technical nature. You purchase these items separately and construct the end product at a fraction of the cost of commercially marketed products.

When it is time to store and distribute that electricity you have generated you will need a bit of technical assistance. That information is readily available. A number of proven products are available via internet will walk you through the whole thing.

You might be amazed to discover that high quality batteries are sitting in piles at battery recycle depots. Many of these can be easily rejuvenated with a chemical treatment to reduce buildup of sulphates on the battery plates. People scrap quality deep cycle batteries every day that simply need a bit of chemical treatment to rejuvenate them.

In summary, build a solar power generator for sunny days, a home wind turbine for breezy days, learn how to store that electricity economically and tie it into your residential electrical system and you will easily payback your investment in as little as a few months.

Source by Thomas Henricks


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