BBC Weather: TWO areas of low pressure to bring heavy cloud and rain across Europe | Weather | News


BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes warned of two areas of low pressure moving across the Europe. Mr Fawkes forecast heavy cloud for much of Europe, with cool temperatures and thunderstorms across eastern regions and warmer conditions further south.

Mr Fawkes said: “The weather across much of Europe is cloudy, cool and we have some rain to come.

“There are two areas of low pressure, one is going to be bringing some rain across central Europe and another one in western Russia also bringing some wet weather.

“For both of these areas of low pressure we start off with cloud and damp weather.

“As we head into Thursday afternoon the rain is more likely to turn into showers and thunderstorms, some of those will be quite heavy with hail mixed in.

“In southern Europe it is dry and sunny across the Mediterranean with some reasonable temperatures.

“The rain will be increasingly heavy across Germany and into Poland.

“There will be downpours in the Czech Republic and thunderstorms effecting western areas of Russia.”

BBC meterologist Ben Rich also forecast showers across Poland and provided an update regarding this weekend’s temperatures across Europe.

“By the weekend it will be 27 or 28C.

“At the same time, Paris is likely to get to around 30C.

“So things are warming up in the northwest of Europe, but it stays unsettled in Moscow.

“Temperatures will be hovering around 20C.”

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