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BBC Weather forecaster Darren Bett warned temperatures will rise sharply this week across Europe. He said the heat will rise in western Europe and temperatures could reach as high as 38C. In the south-east of the continent temperatures will be equally hot with blistering sunshine and dry weather.

Mr Bett said: “Hot weather is set to return across many parts of Europe over the next few days.

“Again, all the heat is going to be building up from Iberia where we have got the highest temperatures at the moment.”

The BBC Weather forecaster noted while temperatures are set to rise rapidly, there are still spots that will see some heavy rain.

He said: “We still have this stubborn area of cloud, an area of low pressure that is hanging around through the Adriatic, southern parts of Italy and the Balkans.

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“That will drift itself very slowly southwards over the next few days.”

Mr Bett said that south-east of this wet weather front, the hot temperatures will continue.

Hot temperatures and sunshine are expected throughout Turkey and many of the islands in the Mediterranean.

In this area of Europe, temperatures could reach as high as 38C over the coming days.

The weather forecaster closed by showing that London, Paris, Sevile and Rome would all see temperatures above 30C and much sunshine.

He said: “For Rome it looks like it is going to be dry and sunny.

“The peak of the heat in London is likely to be on Friday and through much of France and Germany, this heatwave conditions will last a good deal longer.

“As you move down into Athens there is a chance of catching one or two thunderstorms this weekend.”

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