Time to DE-TRASH Your HOME! The Waste Management Authority is Opening Up its Hazardous Waste and Recycling Facilities Next Week, and Here are the New Rules for Visiting Them | Lost Coast Outpost


Your hazardous waste and recyclable materials can start going here — HWMA’s West Hawthorne Street facility — starting next week.


From the Humboldt Waste Management Authority:

Tuesday, August 11th,
Humboldt Waste Management Authority’s Hazardous Waste Collection
facility will resume operations Tuesday through Saturday’s 8 am
until 3 pm, by appointment only. This includes drop-off by
residential and business customers. Household product reuse, such as
free paint and other household products will remain suspended until
further notice.

the Shelter-In-Place restrictions being eased, we are phasing in
non-essential services such as collection of hazardous residential
and business waste. Appointments can be made by calling (707)

visiting the Hazardous Waste Facility are required to remain in their
vehicles at all times and wait for staff to unload your hazardous
materials. Bring products in their original package, or a labeled
leak proof container. We accept household products labeled, “Caution”
“Warning” or “Poison”. We also accept cleaning products,
pool/spa chemicals, varnish, lighters, acids, lawn and garden
chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

do not accept explosives, fireworks, ammunition or radiological
wastes. Do not bring containers larger than 5 gallons or more than15
gallons of household hazardous waste at a time.

business generated hazardous materials will be accepted by
appointment only. A small business is considered one that generates
less than 27 gallons of hazardous materials per month.


Also from the Humboldt Waste Management Authority:

Tuesday, August 11th, Humboldt Waste Management Authority’s Eureka Recycling
Center will resume limited public services. With the Shelter-In-Place
restrictions being eased, HWMA is phasing in non-essential services.
These services will include public drop off of source separated
recyclable materials (cardboard, glass, plastic, metal), used
appliances, electronic wastes and televisions/screen devices. CRV
Buyback services remains suspended.

are pleased to announce the reopening of the Eureka Recycling Center
to resume acceptance of recyclable materials and items,” stated
Executive Director Jill Duffy. “HWMA has undertaken necessary site
improvements to assist in traffic control and customer flow, ensure
social distancing and implemented sanitary practices and protocols to
minimize the potential for viral spread. We are, unfortunately,
unable to resume CRV Buyback activities until further notice.”

visiting the Eureka Recycling Center are required to arrive with
clean and dry recyclable materials that are presorted prior to
arrival, to wear face coverings and abide by the facility’s rules
to maintain social distancing. Sanitizers will be available for
customer use. Presorting of materials will assist in the efficient
placement of materials into bins or carts.

CRV Buyback program was designed so consumers could redeem their
deposit directly from grocers and retailers, and we encourage
residents to call CalRecycle at 1-800-Recycle to express the need for
convenient redemption centers, as is called for in State law. Our
hope is that we can aid in the coordinating with CalRecycle for other
entities to open CRV redemption centers in local communities that are
accessible to customers throughout Humboldt.” Duffy stated.

HWMA Board of Directors and staff will continue examining possible
paths to an eventual reopening of CRV Buyback services, while
fulfilling the Authority’s mission to receive and process over
75,000 tons annually of trash and collect materials such as
appliances, e-wastes, batteries, carpet, mattress, tire, hazardous
waste, lights and other material diversion services.

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