8.5 billion gallons of water saved and counting


Sonoran Desert (file photo)

By Jon Corwin, Global Water Resources

In 2003 Global Water Resources was founded on a simple principle: in the desert southwest the factors of diminishing supply combined with population growth will result in the certainty of water scarcity challenges. These challenges require us to save and stretch valuable water resources the best we can, and this conservation mindset has guided all company decisions from installing recycled water infrastructure, to conservation rebates on customer bills, to building advanced technology to give customers actionable information about their water use with water conservation tools.

Did you know as a Global Water customer you can get money back on your bill while saving water? Global Water offers a conservation rebate of 60% on the consumption portion of your bill if you useless than 6,000 gallons of water in month. A customer who uses 6,000 gallons will receive a $8.50 rebate on their bill.

Realizing customers probably don’t monitor their water consumption daily, Global Water provides customers advanced tools to monitor their own consumption. Customers can elect to receive alerts for unexpected consumption or when your monthly water is higher than normal. Customers can also view their hourly water consumption. Simply go to your account to access these free conservation tools. The customer portal also provides tips on reducing water usage and has tutorials on finding sources of unexpected consumption.

Additionally, Global Water has a robust water recycling program wherein we collect and treat all wastewater generated in the City of Maricopa to a very high quality and return it for irrigation use throughout the community. This year Global Water projects the Maricopa community will surpass NINE BILLION GALLONS of groundwater saved through the use of Global Water’s innovative recycled water program, and we now recycle nearly one billion gallons of water annually! Together we’ve saved enough water to fill the Rose Bowl almost 52 times.

Water is essential to our quality of life in the desert and Global Water’s mission is to ensure we not only have safe, reliable water today, but we have water for generations to come.

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