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BBC Weather meteorologist Stav Danaos told Breakfast viewers that it is going to be another dry, fine, sunny day for much of the UK. However, the weather won’t start off that way as there’ll be quite a bit of cloud around. Yesterday’s temperatures were very high again across the southeast, with thermometers nudging to 35C in Kent.

Mr Danaos said: “It was 33C into London but that’s because we had a bit more cloud around.

“It was pretty widely across England and Wales, much cooler and fresher for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Very pleasant conditions there in the strong August sunshine.

“Today again we’ll see that cloud melt away with increasing amounts of sunshine.”

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He continued: “It is pretty cloudy though to start with this morning around central Wales, Midlands, northern England and eastern England too.

“One or two light showers will be in there and quite a noticeable breeze coming in off the North Sea.

“You’ll notice that cloud will start to melt away as we head on into the afternoon, just leaving patches of high cloud around.

“There’ll be increasing amounts of sunshine with a bit more of a breeze coming in off the North Sea.”

Mr Danaos told viewers: “It will be very pleasant across Scotland and Northern Ireland in the low 20s.

“As we head on into the night, it looks like it will stay dry for most.

“There’ll still be an onshore breeze across the east and we could still see a few showers or thunderstorms start to develop across northern and western areas.

“It will be cooler across northern areas than it will be in the south again.

“19, maybe 20 degrees is expected, a typical tropical night.”

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