Emotional Healing Techniques – Get Acquainted With Dr Nelson’s Body Code Healing System


I was introduced to Dr. Bradley Nelson’s work through his book “The Emotion Code”. I was intrigued by the concept of a “heart-wall” which is created by trapped emotions lodged your body. I was also curious about how this healing technique would compare to the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT tapping as an emotional healing technique for releasing negative emotions, dissolving limiting beliefs, and accelerating the inner healing process.

I have to say that the method described in “The Emotion Code” book is quite effective! It is just a different approach but very precise. This method basically involves a magnet or magnetic implement, applied kinesiology, two charts, and a genuine desire to heal one self. The Emotion Code is intended to relieve both and physical and emotional pain. It can even help heal your animals as well.

Dr. Bradley is convinced that “trapped emotions” can cause many physical or emotional ailments. In addition to trapped emotions there are a list of other factors that my contribute your physical or emotional imbalances such as gut chords, “will to die” energy, toxins, and so forth. Dr. Bradley Nelson has a comprehensive and holistic method he calls “The Body Code System” which he has been using in his chiropractic practice for several years with great success. This not traditional magnetic healing, magnetic therapy, or a magnetic treatment process. It is so much more. It is a comprehensive yet incredibly precise method of diagnosing the problem and eliminating it.

The heart of Dr. Nelson’s healing system is a revolutionary mind map consisting of 118 hyper-linked pages. This provides a revolutionary way to access all the information that is in the subconscious mind, determining very rapidly what corrections need to be made, including energetic imbalances such as trapped emotions, structural imbalances, nutritional imbalances, deficiencies and balances of the acupuncture meridian system, and balances of the chakras, toxicity, etc. Essentially, all the imbalances that we know of that can actually occur to the body are covered by this mind mapping system.

During the last 10 years of his practice, Dr. Nelson specialized in working with the most difficult patients. Most of these people had been to the Mayo Clinic, or Scripps clinic or some other major medical center only to be told that there was no cure for them, that their condition was hopeless. The vast majority of these people were able to get well and often in remarkably short periods of time when their conditions were dealt with holisticly. The reason for this is simply that Dr. Nelson’s approach does not address symptoms, but rather it addresses the actual underlying causes of the disease process.

Does it work all the time? No. Nothing works 100% of the time for 100% of the people. Also, there are some instances where people are just unwilling to get well. They may have a deep need to stay sick. Sometimes people crave sympathy that they get from other people when they are sick. Anyway, you can’t force anyone to get “well” no matter how noble your intentions are as a doctor,healer, friend, parent, spouse, or guardian.

Initially, Dr. Nelson resisted releasing The Body Code System to the public. He felt that this information was too complex perhaps, or too powerful to release, except to health care practitioners. However, about 18 months ago he had a dream, and he was specifically instructed to release the information to the public. After about a year of very hard work, this information is available to anyone who seeks it. It is possible that Dr. Nelson’s healing system may be the most effective method that is available in alternative energy medicine right now.

I am so grateful that Dr. Nelson followed instructions to get this powerful knowledge out to the world. The time is right for this information because there is a grave need for complete and thorough emotional purging, cleansing and healing. Granted, there will be those who will resist this type of healing work, but everyone has a choice to either accept it or reject it. But I choose to embrace, disseminate, and use this knowledge aptly. I hope you do too.

Source by Sandra B.


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