YES! Media Joins The Trust Project to Tackle Misinformation in News


8 Trust Indicators help public discern truthful journalism, encourage accountability and integrity.

In a confusing world flooded with misinformation, YES! Media is helping readers and viewers easily recognize reliable, dependable news sources by implementing The Trust Project’s 8 Trust Indicators. They join a global network of more than 200 news outlets committed to socially responsible, transparent journalism.

“Joining the Trust Project is a critical step in our goal to make YES! as trustworthy a resource as possible for readers,” said Christine Hanna, YES! Media Executive Director. “If we as a country are going to make it through these uncertain times, we need our news sources to be open, honest, and transparent. There is simply too much at stake.”

YES! Media, the publishers of YES! Magazine, underwent an extensive, five-month process to implement the Trust Project’s 8 Trust Indicators—evaluating and updating policies, creating new processes, and adding transparency to existing standards. The 8 Trust Indicators, a widely accepted transparency standard developed by The Trust Project in collaboration with the public and news organizations worldwide, help news media hold themselves accountable and ensure reliable, accurate news sources.

The Indicators help people know who and what is behind a given news story through disclosures about:

● Best Practices (Standards and Policies)
● Journalist Expertise
● Type of Work Labels
● References
● Methods
● Locally Sourced
● Diverse Voices
● Actionable Feedback

“YES! has shown extraordinary commitment to the public good, implementing the Trust Project’s 8 Trust Indicators while their staff contended with the triple challenge of a pandemic, public unrest and a financial crisis. The public will benefit greatly from the transparency now offered on their site,” said Sally Lehrman, founder and chief executive of the Trust Project. “As more news organizations adopt the 8 Trust Indicators, we slow the spread of false and misleading news and amplify integrity-based journalism from reputable news organizations around the world.”

The Trust Project is funded by Craig Newmark Philanthropies, the Democracy Fund, Facebook, Google and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

To learn more about The Trust Project and the 8 Trust Indicators, visit

About the Trust Project
The Trust Project is a global network of news organizations working to affirm and amplify journalism’s commitment to transparency, accuracy and inclusion. The project created the Trust Indicators, which are a collaborative, journalism-generated standard for news that helps both regular people and the technology companies’ machines easily assess the authority and integrity of news. The Trust Indicators are based in robust user-centered design research and respond to public needs and wants. For more, visit

About YES! Media
YES! Media is a nonprofit, independent publisher of solutions journalism. Through rigorous reporting on the positive ways communities are responding to social problems and insightful commentary that sparks constructive discourse, YES! Media inspires people to build a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world. YES! Media is independent and nonpartisan. Our explanatory journalism analyzes societal problems in terms of their root causes and explores opportunities for systemic, structural change. Our stories uncover environmental, economic, and social justice intersections. Our solutions reporting spotlights the ideas and initiatives of people building a better world. Our commentaries address dominant economic, political, and social structures and consider alternative ways of thinking that can produce a more equitable and Earth-friendly world.


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