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BBC Weather warned in their latest forecast for Europe, thunderstorms and extreme torrential rain are expected across the region. BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes said flash flooding and tropical storm conditions are also set to strike across Italy and southern regions in the coming days.

Mr Fawkes said: “We have got some interesting weather brewing in the Mediterranean.

“A clump of thunderstorms in the south of Italy is strengthening and becoming quite an intense system.

“It has a lot of warm air in the centre of the system and it has tropical characteristics to it in many respects.

“It will bring some torrential rain into Greece with some potentially damaging winds.”

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He continued: “As that system swings through the kind of effects we are going to get will be like a tropical storm, flash flooding and some damaging winds on the way to that part of Greece.

“Further northwards we have got some sunshine in Europe, but it is not as hot as it has been in recent days.

“It is significantly cooler in Denmark and Germany as well.

“Into Friday we have got some thunderous storms working in across Spain and Portugal and risk of flash flooding in Greece.

“It looks like the weather is going to be really nasty.”

Netweather’s long-range forecast said: “Into early October there is an increasing chance of high pressure pushing in from the south and bringing mostly settled and warm weather, probably with a fair amount of sunshine for most, and a likelihood of more changeable weather holding on in the north and west of Scotland in particular.

“Temperatures will tend to be close to or just below the long-term seasonal norm early to midweek, with some cool nights midweek as the high pressure moves in and some fog patches in places, but will tend to rise above normal late in the week as there is a significant chance of southerly and south-westerly winds setting in.

“Mean temperatures are thus expected to be a little above normal overall, but only by 1C or less in most parts of the country.

“Rainfall totals are again mostly expected to be below normal, except in western Scotland, where near or slightly above average rainfall is most likely. Sunshine totals are mostly expected to be near normal in central and western Scotland, but above normal elsewhere.”

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