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This week some parts of the UK have seen temperatures soar past the 30C mark. But according to the Met Office, the UK will see “a subtle shift” in the weather over the next few days, with the heat “hanging on” today (Wednesday, September 16) before temperatures are likely to drop slightly. Although it won’t be quite as hot as we’ve seen so far, much of the UK will still see some balmy weather in the latter half of the week.

The heat experienced earlier this week is expected to drop due to a cold front over the UK.

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge told “What we’ve got is a band of cloud moving south, what we call a cold front, and this marks a transition.

“So we’re going to be moving from the warm southerlies that we’ve had, with the area of high pressure encouraging that flow of air from the south, bringing us the warmer conditions.

“And now we’ve got another area of high pressure which is going to be pulling in a feed of air from much further north.

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Friday is expected to be dry and bright, with largely good conditions all day.

Some areas will see some rain over the weekend, especially in the south and east, with showers making their way across the Channel.

However, this rain is expected to be “sporadic” and not continuous.

The pleasant temperatures are expected to last until at least the start of next week.

Confidence in further forecasts is low, but the Met Office forecast for Wednesday, September 30 to Wednesday, October 14 reads: “It seems likely that there could be changeable conditions with alternating periods of relatively settled weather, bringing an increased risk of mist and fog in the morning, and more unsettled conditions.

“The best of any settled spells will be in the south and there is a signal that these could become more prolonged during early October.

“Overall, temperatures are expected to be around or slightly above the normal.

“However, variations are to be expected as a result of the shifting weather systems, giving the potential for both warm and cold spells.”

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