Sederma launches a menopause skin care ingredient


September is National Menopause Awareness Month; so it only makes sense for the beauty industry to join the conversation and explore ways to recognize and address the experiences of women in and beyond menopause.

Antiaging messaging has been falling out of favor for years now; and at the same time, brands that cater to women over 40, 50, 60, and beyond have been showing up in the marketplace to meet the needs and expectations of this massive consumer group.

New ingredients like Feminage from Sederma will only help more brands develop products for this long overlooked segment of beauty consumers.

Sederma’s new menopause skin care ingredient is made with the extract of walnut tree leaves

According to the product page on Croda’s site​, “Feminage is a new anti-ageing active ingredient developed by Sederma especially dedicated to these women experiencing loss of skin elasticity and firmness caused by glycation and oxidation events and related to oestrogenic decline.”

The company’s clinical testing on the skin of both Caucasian and Chinese women shows “results…associated to a higher quality of the elastic tissue and a preserved fibroblast vitality against glycation and oxidation.”

The new Feminage ingredient is a blend of glycerin, water, and engelhardtia chrysolepis leaf extract, according to the INCI name listed on a product sheet the company shared with Cosmetics Design.

Feminage can be formulated into a full range skin care product formats

Sederma has created six different skin care product prototypes with the new menopause skin care ingredient: a contouring stick, a refreshing mist, a massage mask, eye drops (eye area skin care with the texture of water), a night balm, and a day cream.

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