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Activision Blizzard announces ‘Hearthstone’ Battlegrounds revamp – NME

Activision Blizzard has announced a brand new Hearthstone Battlegrounds revamp for the game’s latest update.

In a new blog post, the developer has shared information about the next Battlegrounds update for Hearthstone, saying it will be the biggest update to date.

First up, the update will add a major minion shakeup, replacing 37 minions with brand new ones, which will possess a new ‘Avenge’ keyword skill. This will do “something after (x) after (x) friendly minions die”. Every new and removed minion can be viewed via the latest blog post.

Blizzard confirmed that to give everyone time to get used to new content and updates, turn timers have temporarily been increased:

  • Length of turns 3-9 have been increased by 5 seconds
  • Length of turns will be reduced sometime in the future

Darkmoon prizes have also been disabled and the damage cap of 15 damage has been added.

  • No player can take more than 15 damage from combat while alive
  • Note: the damage cap does not check for player deaths until the start of each Recruit Phase, meaning if someone concedes, disconnects, or dies during the Recruit Phase, the damage cap will still be present for that combat

The Battlegrounds update will also introduce two brand new Heroes including Master Nguyen and Cariel Roame. Master Nguyen has a Power of the Storm passive ability and can choose from two new Hero Powers at the start of every turn.

Here is the full breakdown of Cariel Roame’s build:

  • Conviction (Rank 1) – Give a random friendly minion +1/+1. (Upgrades at Tavern Tier 3.)
  • Conviction (Rank 2) – Give three random friendly minions +1/+1. (Upgrades at Tavern Tier 5.)
  • Conviction (Rank 3) – Give five random friendly minions +1/+1.

Blizzard recently announced that it will be nerfing several Hearthstone cards following the United in Stormwind expansion in order to slow the game down a bit.

In the patch notes for the 21.0.3 update, Blizzard said it will be making “a few balance changes” saying, “Overall, this translates to two things: limiting the efficiency at which combo decks can assemble the pieces they need to win, and reducing the burst damage that board-based decks have access to from hand.”

In other news, Diablo II’s largest and most impactful mod just got even bigger.

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