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Petition launched opposing slaughterhouse in Airport Industrial Park | Local

Queensbury resident Shannon Brock, who signed the petition, said she is also concerned with burden on public utilities including sewer, as well as increased traffic. Other concerns are noise, the waste products after processing, and pollution.

“It seems like the benefits are extremely small (a handful of employees) and the possible downsides are considerable,” she said in an email.

Dave O’Brien, chairman of the Warren-Washington Industrial Development Agency, said in an email reply to Brock that sentiment is running “150 to 5” in favor of the slaughterhouse.

O’Brien said Thursday that it is an economic issue. Washington County is a right-to-farm community.

“We have people who make a living by raising and processing beef. A lot of them have issues finding a vehicle to get their animals processed,” he said.

O’Brien said the property would generate tax revenue. The land is currently exempt by law because it is owned by the IDA.

O’Brien added that most of the comments on the petition appear to be from people who live outside the area.

“While I sympathize with their own personal beliefs, we have to do what’s right for the economy,” he said.

The project will have to go before the Kingsbury Planning Board.

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