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Chart Industries unveils onboard liquid hydrogen fuel system

Chart Industries unveiled a new product line for heavy-duty trucks, an onboard liquid hydrogen fuel system, at the ACT Expo in Long Beach, California.

The horizontal liquid hydrogen fuel system, now available for commercial use, is intended to meet growing market demand for a variety of fuel cell and internal combustion engine applications.

The US-based cryogenic equipment manufacturer engineered and made the product at its Ball Ground, Georgia facility and tested in New Prague, Minnesota – the birthplace of Chart’s hydrogen products.

Chart says the new horizontal liquid hydrogen fuel system has a global capacity for more than 25,000 units per year.

In a statement, Chart said “Similar to HLNG, onboard liquid hydrogen requires roughly half of the space and weight of comparable H35 or H70 compressed hydrogen storage. This means onboard liquid hydrogen will be the ideal solution for heavier loads and longer ranges. At ACT Expo, the display demonstrated that dual-side mounting can provide adequate range, just like a convention diesel tank.”

Inside Chart Industries’ hydrogen business

Chart has been a leader in the clean energy transition from diesel to natural gas for transportation and power generation, making large investments in developing advanced technology and products that drive the transition. Having played a key role in developing early technologies in natural gas liquefaction, Chart believes it is well positioned to do the same for the hydrogen market.

The company currently provides process technology as well as equipment solutions for the liquefaction and compression of hydrogen, including process systems, heat exchangers, larger cryogenic storage, vacuum insulated pipe and loadout systems. Whether by transport, trailer, ISO container, rail car or marine transport, Chart is designing and manufacturing cryogenic distribution systems that apply to an extensive set of hydrogen applications.

Today, Chart has produced more than 800 hydrogen bulk storage tanks and been able to offer its customers over 150,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen storage capacity in a single vessel. The company prides itself on constant innovation in the hydrogen market and as it moves forward, is developing hydrogen fuelling stations, new technology around liquid hydrogen vehicle tanks, systems and solutions for liquefaction, compression and much more.

“We’ve been making liquid hydrogen tanks and liquefaction processes for both helium and liquid hydrogen for over 50 years. That experience sets up significant growth in the hydrogen market for us,” Oesterreich said. “We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture storage tanks, trailers and the things to support the virtual pipeline and to be able to then vertically integrate up to the point of production.”

Read the full interview here.

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