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Peninsula Clean Energy To Receive Geothermal Power Next Year

SAN MATEO COUNTY, CA — Peninsula Clean Energy will receive geothermal power from The Geysers, the world’s largest geothermal complex, beginning next July.

The 35 megawatts from the complex located 70 miles north of San Francisco is expected to power 60,000 households each year in San Mateo County.

“The geothermal power from The Geysers is another reliable tool to reduce heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change,” Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Jan Pepper said in a news release. “This helps us further evolve our energy mix to meet growing demand for affordable 24/7 renewable power.”

Peninsula Clean Energy said that the partnership will help its goal of providing 24/7 renewable power to its customers. The Geysers, which has 15 geothermal power plants across 45 square miles in Sonoma and Lake Counties, provide nearly one-tenth of the renewable power each year in California.

“Geothermal energy from The Geysers is available every hour of every day, supporting Peninsula Clean Energy’s efforts to deliver a reliable power portfolio sourced from 100 percent renewable energy,” said Gevan Reeves, Calpine’s Vice President of Origination. “It also supports hundreds of hardworking employees committed to powering communities across California with reliable geothermal energy.”

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