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Alabama man killed in Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident

An Alabama man has been identified as the contractor killed in a “material handling accident” Friday at the shuttered Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, according to a report.

Michael Miller, 55, died after unloading equipment on the site of the Pennsylvania plant, Exelon Generation told CBS 21 in Harrisburg, Penn.

“We are deeply saddened that a contract worker was fatally injured around 11 a.m. on Friday while unloading equipment from a truck at Three Mile Island,” an Exelon Generation spokesman told the station. “We send out condolences to the individual’s family, friends, and colleagues.”

Miller was working outside of the radiological controlled area of the plant, which closed in 2019.

Three Mile Island was the site of a nuclear disaster when its reactor No. 2 suffered a partial meltdown in March 1979, releasing radioactive gases into the atmosphere and drawing criticism of nuclear-generated power.

That reactor remained unused since the disaster, while reactor No. 1 was decommissioned two years ago.

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