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Chris Craiker, The Architex Angle, Capturing ocean wave energy |

— Wave surge devices: A tapered channel funnels waves into an elevated reservoir where water flows back to the ocean through conventional hydro turbine.

— Floating devises: Underwater turbines attached to a buoy system that spin from the tidal action and generate electricity connected back to the grid.

— Ocean Floor Pressure differentiation: One of the most promising ventures is ocean floor mounted devices that exploit the difference in pressure of ocean currents so as to not receive the ocean surface wave violence.

As with all renewable energy resources, there pros and cons:

1. A continuously renewable and sustainable source of energy, ocean tides are the result of sunlight, the rotation of the earth, combine with gravity.

2. Environmentally friendly with no energy or carbon emissions while generating continuous electricity directly into the power grid.

3. Abundant, more reliable and consistent than other renewable energy sources. Ocean currents are 24/7 around the world.

4. Since water is denser than air, more energy can be produced to generate electricity even at low tides

5. Less visual impact: Energy stations or plants could be constructed offshore and unlike oil platforms, would have little or no visual impact with no environmental impacts from explosions.

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