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Storage – Magaldi Green Energy’s Thermal Energy Storage Uses Sand

MGTES can be charged with excess electrical or thermal energy and release heat and electricity on demand, increasing the flexibility of the electricity grid and contributing to the decarbonization of any energy system. The storage technology is based on a fluidized bed of silica sand that can be heated up by renewable energy and / or solar radiation.

The system can be charged with excess electrical and thermal energy, store it for days and weeks with very limited losses and discharge it for durations of 4 to 10 hours (Long Duration Energy Storage), when the sun and wind are not available. MGTES has reached a high technological maturity (TRL7) with over 10,000 hours of thermal energy production. The first industrial module is at an advanced stage of construction.

MGE is a start-up focused on the research, development and marketing of renewable energy generation and storage technologies. Its parent company, Magaldi Power, is a world leader in hot bulk material handling. The mission of MGE, with its patented technologies, is to contribute to the decarbonization of the industrial sector, and increasing the flexibility of energy networks and the electrification of final energy consumption through renewable energy.

The intermittent and non-programmable nature of wind and solar power plants makes energy storage necessary to ensure electricity generation and a stable electricity grid. In this context, Thermal Energy Storage systems store electricity when it is available at low cost and release it at times of greater need, balancing supply and demand helping to stabilize the electricity.

“For a complete energy transition, the surplus of renewable energy and waste heat are precious resources to accelerate towards zero emissions. Through our unique Thermal Energy Storage (MGTES) system we can store and generate renewable heat and electricity,up to GWhth scales, using only 100% ESG recyclable materials such as steel and sand “, declares Letizia Magaldi, Executive Vice-President Corporate Development of Magaldi Green Energy.


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