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Asbestos rubble to be cleared from U.P. fire site

CALUMET, MI – Asbestos-contaminated rubble is being removed from the site of a fire that raged through downtown Calumet in May, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said.

On May 21, the fire destroyed three buildings in the small Upper Peninsula town, which included apartments and businesses in its downtown district.

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Clean-up is expected to be completed this fall, the EPA said. The EPA is monitoring air quality during the process as breathing the once-popular construction material can lead to health problems, including scar-like tissues in the lungs.

Portions of Portland and Fourth streets are closed for the cleanup along with part of the parking lot at Agassiz Park.

Calumet is a village in Houghton County that lies about 275 miles northwest of the Mackinac Bridge.


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