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Lake Shasta landslide knocks out water to hundreds in Jones Valley

Like rings in a bathtub, Lake Shasta's dropping water levels leave their mark in August 2021.

A landslide along the shore of Lake Shasta, likely caused by the rapidly falling lake level, has knocked out water service to hundreds of Jones Valley area residents.

Meanwhile, Shasta County Public Works Department officials are trying to repair water lines and pumps broken by the landslide, but they have hit supply ordering delays and shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have a massive landslide, 5 acres in size and taking out the pump station” the county uses to draw water out of Lake Shasta to serve residents in the Jones Valley area, said Pat Minturn, county public works director.

The land above the pump station began to slump in September and work in the area was interrupted by the Fawn Fire, which burned in the area for more than a week, Minturn said.

By this week, the hillside above the lake had slid so much it broke pipes and knocked out the pumps Wednesday afternoon, forcing most of the residents to lose drinking water provided by the County Service Area, he said.

A parched Lake Shasta during the summer of 2021.

Cathy McCandless, who lives in Jones Valley and relies on water from the county service area, said it has been difficult to get information about the cause of the water outage.

She also wondered why county officials didn’t repair the damage in September.

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