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Illegal sale of biodiesel on rise across Marathwada | Aurangabad News

Aurangabad: A spate of incidents regarding illegal sale of biodiesel has surfaced in Aurangabad and parts of Marathwada with such unauthorised sale being attributed by the stakeholders to the rise in diesel prices.
Fuel retailers along with the biodiesel suppliers have cautioned that the biodiesel supplied illegally is not the specified B100 quality and can damage vehicle engines.
Aqeel Abbas, secretary of local Petroleum Dealers Association (PDA), said a section of transporters engaged in long-distance travelling were more vulnerable to buying biodiesel sold in an unauthorised manner.
“Many transporters and public at large do not know that they are purchasing the biodiesel at an unauthorised outlet. While the lower prices of biodiesel attract them, substandard quality could cause potential, irreversible damage to the vehicles,” he said.
After breaching the Rs 100-mark on October 5, diesel price on Monday soared to Rs 102.32 per litre in Aurangabad that witnesses levying of 3% of beautification tax on the sale of fuel concerned. Diesel was sold at Rs 101.85 per litre and Rs 101.65 per litre in Parbhani and Nanded, respectively.
Padmnabh Ursal, a fuel outlet consultant who used to run a biodiesel pump at Palshi in Aurangabad, said considerable difference in the price of biodiesel when compared to diesel is an indication of adulteration of the former.
“The substandard quality of biodiesel is often found being sold in the black market at cheaper rates offering considerable price difference of up to Rs 20 or more when compared to diesel. The biodiesel available at authorized outlets could cost only around Rs 5 to Rs 7 cheaper,” he said.
Fuel retailers said used industrial oil and light diesel oil are used for adulteration of pure biodiesel. Amid crackdown against unauthorised sale of biodiesel, Nanded district administration is first from Marathwada to take note of such sale following complaints from fuel retailers.
Asking for strict compliance with theBiodiesel (manufacturing, storage, supply, selling) Policy 2021 of the state government, Nanded district administration has warned of action under Essential Commodities Act, 1955, if illegal sale of biodiesel is exposed.
In one of the recent actions, Aurangabad police on September 14 detained three people for illegal sale of biodiesel with seizure of 16,000 litre of fuel.

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