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Thousands of Gallons of Biodiesel Spill From Overturned Tanker Stopped by Rock Quarry Crew – Redheaded Blackbelt

Overturned tanker on Hwy 299 yesterday.

Overturned tanker on Hwy 299 yesterday. [Photo from the CHP]

Press release from CHP:

On 10/11/2021 at approximately 9:35 a.m., [Wyatt Landreth age 25 from Palo Cedro, CA] was driving a Kenworth tractor towing a tanker trailer containing 7100 gallons of bio-diesel westbound on SR-299 east of Slattery Gulch Road. As Landreth entered into a downhill left bearing curve in the roadway, he lost control of the Kenworth.

The tractor and trailer both rolled over onto the north shoulder of SR-299. The tanker trailer of bio-diesel began to spill onto the shoulder. A crew from a nearby rock quarry arrived on scene shortly after the crash and used heavy equipment to build a temporary dam, stopping the bio-diesel from spreading further. The spill was contained to the north shoulder of SR- 299.

Clean up of the spill area is being coordinated by the trucking company. Landreth was transported to Trinity Hospital for treatment of injuries he received in the crash.

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