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Nature-driven field trip teaches students about wildlife, ecosystems

WOOSTER  – “This leaf is bigger than my head!” yelled Zachary Johnson as he picked up a caramel-colored leaf off the paved pathway and held it in front of his face. His fellow fifth graders laughed and then attempted to do the same to see how big it was.  

This was one of many discoveries the fifth graders from Norwayne Elementary School had as they walked along the paths of Barnes Preserve Park on Tuesday for a field trip.  

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After not having the trip last year due to COVID, Norwayne Elementary teachers Jennifer Evans and Angela Deiotte were happy they could bring their students back to the park and let some nature experts reinforce things they were teaching them in the classroom.  

Learning about science in nature  

Kelly Riley, one of the speakers who walked students around the park, is an education specialist with the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District and has been doing the field trip with Evans and Deiotte since they started it in 2018. 

Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District employee Kelly Riley explains what plant and animal life can be found the meadow behind her to the students. Riley has helped with this field trip since Norwayne Elementary teachers Jennifer Evans and Angela Deiotte started doing it in 2018.

Riley, along with several of her coworkers from the conservation district, some workers from the park and a few local volunteers, taught the students about a variety of topics including how trees grow, how to identify different types of plants and wildlife and how different parts of the ecosystem interact with each other.  

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