Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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La Niña arrives, may worsen drought, roil markets

Brian K. Sullivan

A tire is wedged between cracks in dry earth at Nicasio Reservoir in Nicasio, Calif., as the state comes under exceptional drought.

A weather-roiling La Niña appears to have emerged across the equatorial Pacific, setting the stage for worsening droughts and wildfires in California and South America, frigid winters in parts of the U.S. and Japan and greater risks for the world’s already strained energy and food supplies.

The phenomenon — which begins when the atmosphere reacts to a cooler patch of water over the Pacific Ocean — will likely last through at least February, the U.S. Climate Prediction Center said Thursday.

There is a 57% chance it be a moderate event, like the one that started last year, the center said. While scientists may need months to confirm whether La Niña has definitely returned, all the signs are indicating it’s here.

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