Earth’s Black Box Will Warm Future Generations About Climate Missteps

The Earth’s Black Box sounds more likely an awareness-rasing stunt than something which can actually prove to be useful for future civilizations.

The Earth is getting a black box of its own in the name of climate change science, and this one will record all events that are significant so that future civilizations can learn from what went wrong in the past and not repeat the same mistakes again. For the unaware, a “black box” is a heavily protected recording device that stores all relevant flight data and cockpit conversations. In case of an accident, the black box is the first object that is studied to find how an accident happened.

Planet Earth is en route to a climate disaster orchestrated predominantly by man. Scientists are keeping an eye on every tiny change, and have even developed an algorithm that projects how climate change will affect a person’s house or locality. But does the Earth need a black box of its own to warn future civilizations? Well, some people think it’s a good idea.


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The collaborative brainchild of a marketing firm named Clemenger BBDO and researchers from the University of Tasmania, the Earth’s black box is about 33 feet in length (10 x 4 x 3 meters) and is made out of 7.5-centimeter-thick steel. Established on an open stretch of land near Tasmania’s west coast in Australia, the monolith will serve as a diary of climate change events with the goal of helping the future of humanity. Specifically, the lessons they can learn from the past to avoid another climate catastrophe in the future. Inside the box are a bunch of high-capacity hard drives and internet connectivity modems, all powered by the solar panels installed on the roof. The algorithm powering the computer inside will collect all climate change-related content from the internet, from major announcements to important tweets. The box has already started recording, but the housing will only start building next year.

More Like An Always-On Time Capsule

Earth’s Black Box

More importantly, it will record scientific data such as temperature levels (both land and sea), carbon dioxide concentration, acidification level of oceans, changes in the pattern of land use such as deforestation, energy consumption, and human population. “The idea is if the Earth does crash as a result of climate change, this indestructible recording device will be there for whoever’s left to learn from that,” Clemenger BBDO’s Jim Curtis was quoted as saying by ABC News. The idea sounds great on paper, but experts are already considering if it is actually going to prove useful. The only scenario where it can be of any actual utility is if a future climate catastrophe destroys all existing scientific equipment on Earth, and the giant steel-encased black box is the only object with valuable information that survives. But more than usefulness, Earth’s black box appears to be a call for raising awareness about the drastic environmental changes that humanity has triggered and irreversibly deteriorated the planet’s environment.

There are similar projects already in m0tion that sound potentially useful. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault located on an icy island in Norway is home to over 1,000,000 samples of food crop seeds as insurance, in case a man-made or natural disaster destroys them in their natural habitat across the world. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has collected over a million samples of animal germplasm that includes sperm, embryos, and tissues from over 167 breeds of cattle, fish, and even some non-domesticated animals. The Arch Mission Foundation (AMF) is working on a Billion-Year Archive project that is essentially an interplanetary cloud system that involves storage repositories on the Earth, the moon, asteroids, moving satellites, and other accessible bodies in the solar system — all in preparation for a massive disaster.

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