Solutions To Air Pollution: What Could Be The Way Forward?

Devesh died. At 28, he was looking towards a brighter life for self and family. He died of lung cancer. The end came fast after the discovery of Stage 4 cancer. Being a non-smoker and a person of simple habits, he could not believe when he understood his days were numbered. The family lived in a lane with furnaces on both sides of it, where he would often play while growing up. Bad luck, you would say.

Except that he is one among 1.7 million peo­ple who die from air pollution in India, one in 7 million who die across the globe, eve­ry year. That includes Ella from UK, who became the first recorded child to die from air pollution. In India, we don’t keep such records. If all these do not rattle you, what will?

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