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H. Murray Shantz’s Nov. 24 letter to the editor expressed hope for return of “rational writing” regarding “Man Made ClimateChange.” Paraphrasing Sherlock Holmes — “come Shantz” — “come scientific citizens” — The progressive existential ClimateScare Game is again afoot.

The Charge: Climate change is an existential threat. Definition: A threat to someone or something’s very existence — Bubonic Plague, 1918 pandemic, the Holocaust.

Perhaps more relevant to our discussion — The Industrial Revolution (1760-1840), fueled by coal, led to the mechanization of agriculture and transportation, wealth creation, and population growth. Malthus in 1798 predicted massive famine as population outpaced food production in “Essay on Principle of Population.”

In 1860, Jevons warned that coal was exhausted in “The Coal Question” and that England would be “thrown back to the laborious Poverty of Early Times.” Erlich’s 1968 “Population Bomb” mirrored Malthus — “the Battle to feed the World is over, millions will starve, England will not exist in 2000.”

Although their predictions were based upon sound science, Malthus, Jevons, and Erlich were wrong because they did not anticipate technological advances that occurred. For example, Erlich was correct — the population doubled from 3.6 billion to 7 billion between 1968-2012 but food production tripled through improved agricultural methods.

The current alleged existential threat, originally termed catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, now climate change, is an empty threat based upon flawed science and continues to exist only as a politically manufactured crisis, promoted and perpetuated by progressivism.


Progressive multimillionaire, Maurice Strong, used his prominent UN Position to advance his belief that the environment transcended nation-states. The only way to attain global environmental cooperation was to deindustrialize industrialized nations and prevent developing nations from industrializing.

This required leveraging environmental issues to attain the progressive goals of world governance, wealth redistribution, and destruction of capitalism.

In 1972, Strong convened the First World Environmental Conference. In 1972, matters of concern were population control, acid rain, nuclear accidents and global cooling. However, the Stockholm Conference primarily addressed the first three topics and Strong’s Principle of Sustainability of Earth’s Resources, not global cooling or warming.

Between 1972-1987, Strong was unable to convince wealthy countries to become poor or developing countries to remain poor. Serendipity saved Strong in 1988. James Hansen launched ClimateScare, based upon his climate computer model projections that the survival of the planet was in jeopardy because of catastrophic global warming from fossil fuel carbon dioxide emission.

Panic ensued. Billions were authorized to fight man-made global warming. Strong realized this Environmental Crisis could be exploited. The IPCC was founded immediately and funded by the UN. Its mandate — produce scientific papers supporting Hansen’s theory. A burgeoning bureaucracy developed — quid pro quo politicians, crony capitalists, and faux consensus scientists.

The public is largely unaware that none of Hansen’s catastrophic predictions occurred. His computer climate models overestimated observed warming by a factor of three. Catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is a myth. Jim Holland is correct — Spending trillions we don’t have to prevent an existential threat that doesn’t exist is “economic suicide.”

A strong GDP and adaptation to whatever climate nature presents us in the future is our best defense. We have no control over climate.

Bernard Swope is a resident of Winchester.

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