Queensland weather warnings in place for heavy rain, high tides with chance of cyclone in coming days

Queensland can expect a continuation of wet, stormy weather today, with a slight chance of a tropical depression intensifying into a cyclone, the bureau has warned.

Several weather warnings have been issued by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), including a severe weather warning for damaging winds and heavy rainfall for the Peninsula, parts of the Gulf Country, Northern Goldfields and Upper Flinders.

A warning is also current for abnormally high tides for that area.

Meteorologist Helen Reid said the wild weather was being caused by several factors that were working together.

“Through the north we do have a monsoonal trough moving its way into the area, so that’s bringing a little bit more of a blustery flow with it with some showers and thunderstorm activity there,” she said.

“The tropical depression which we’ve seen move across the top end of the Northern Territory is moving its way further east to bring some rainfall and some more difficult conditions through there.


“Elsewhere in the state, we still do have humidity and warmth which helps thunderstorm development and some weak trough features that are focusing the activity of thunderstorms and helping it to develop in the south-east.”

Ms Reid urged Queenslanders to stay across the warnings today.

“Today Queensland can expect a continuation of wet, stormy weather,” she said.

“Particularly across the north there, the tropical low is edging its way further east.

“We do have warnings current for severe weather that covers damaging winds, heavy rainfall, and also some abnormally high tides are expected as well.”

Widespread rainfall, high tides

She said the rainfall would be “widespread” across north Queensland.

“The abnormally high tides will affect the coastlines on the western side of the Peninsula, and also part-way down the Gulf Country … and the winds as well right through that whole region.

Ms Reid said it was difficult to determine the exact amount of rainfall expected.


“Through the Northern Territory where the depression has come from, that low has brought hundred or so millimetres of rain … we could expect those totals to accumulate,” she said.

“Whilst it might not be completely horrific today, we are expecting conditions to continue to be deteriorating as we head into Wednesday.”

The tropical low is partially responsible for the wet weather across the state.

“And as that system does move across the Gulf of Carpentaria, it will be monitored very closely to see if any intensification tropical cyclone does happen or not. There is still that slight chance of that happening,” she said.

The weather is set to ease in the north by Friday, but the forecast is for more wet weather further south through the weekend and into the new year.

“But that does bring the potential for heavier rainfall a little bit further south to north-east coast and edging its way into the south-east to Queensland by the time we get to the weekend,” Ms Reid said.

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