How to reuse and recycle trees, lights

The trunk of used Christmas trees can be cut to make drink coasters.

Holiday decorating is hard work but the effort brings joy, color and light to what can sometimes be the darkest days of winter. 

The cleanup of holiday decorations rarely brings joy but is a necessary task. Everyone maintains a different schedule for removing holiday decorations from their home. My neighbor’s cut Christmas tree is at the curb before 4 p.m. on Christmas Day each year but we typically wait until the Epiphany on Jan. 6 to begin removing our holiday decorations.

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Whenever you decide to begin the task of removing your holiday decorations, think about the environmental impact of the season and look for ways to reduce that impact when disposing your decorations. From disposing of your live Christmas tree to tossing burned-out strings of lights, there are environmentally friendly options for disposal or reuse of nearly all holiday decorations.

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How to recycle cut Christmas trees

Several options exist for recycling or reusing cut trees. Most central Ohio municipalities collect used Christmas trees with their regular yard waste and recycling pickup. Trees are chipped and the mulch is provided to gardeners or used in parks and other municipal facilities. Trees taller than 6 feet should be cut in half and should not be placed in recycling containers. Trees should not be in plastic bags and all decorations must be removed.

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