Winter Weather Delivers Record Snowfalls Putting Climate Change and Global Warming on Thin Ice

Winter weather has brought record snowfalls and freezing winds to many cities in the east. Global warming is a laughing matter as global freezing is causing havoc worldwide. Yes worldwide. Russia, China, Germany, England, Poland, Finland, the U.S.A. and many other countries have had bitter cold winters resulting in many deaths. The cold weather and ice have also caused millions to go without power and heat. Several businesses and city services closed because of inclement weather.

State of Emergencies have been declared for Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania because of harsh winter storms. If you have any doubt whatsoever about the foolishness of global warming and climate change – consider the following.

  • Colesville, Maryland – RECORD SNOWFALL OF 40 INCHES!!!
  • Dulles Airport in Chantilly, Virginia – the largest recorded 2 day snowfall in their history – 32.4 inches.
  • Baltimore, Maryland – received the largest recorded 2 day snowfall in their history – 26.5 inches.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – the 2nd largest recorded 2 day snowfall in their history – 28.5 inches.
  • Pittsburg, Pennsylvania – received the 4th largest recorded snowfall in their history – 21.1 inches


  • Wilmington, Delaware – 26.5 inches
  • Colesville, Maryland – 40 inches
  • Mount Holly, New Jersey – 28.5 inches
  • Upper Strasburg, Pennsylvania – 31 inches
  • Leesburg, Virginia – 34.5 inches
  • Lehew, West Virginia – 34 inches

More Snowfalls and Freezing Weather Are Coming – Another Snowstorm is Predicted for This Week.

Many cities have already had more snow than average and winter is only half way over with. What would happen if people proclaimed global freezing was going to turn into another ice age so we must have billions of dollars to stop climate change?

Why not?

Is this not what global warming has become? Some green environmentalists want trees to have rights to sue. Some scientists say global warming will kill billions within this century. It is a good thing these opinions are not the norm. And it is a good thing winter weather has not caused those trapped in record snowfalls to go off the deep end on global freezing.

No, those who are freezing do not proclaim climate change – it is the global warming crowd that is on thin ice.

Source by Brian H Campbell

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