Edwin Wilson a pioneer for biodiversity — William G. Lunney | Letters to the Editor

Our world has lost one of the giants of natural science with the recent passing of Harvard professor Edwin O. Wilson.

A true visionary, Wilson pioneered the concept of biological diversity and its critical importance to the survival of our Mother Earth. He also propounded many concepts including the idea that nature and humans have an innate biological affinity, and that we need to sustain that relationship. A two time Pulitzer Prize recipient who was referred to by many as a modern-day Charles Darwin, Wilson visited Madison several times and had colleagues here. Each visit was a highlight to us.

He had the unique capacity to apply his studies to a broader context for humanity. His life study of ants and their ecosystems led him to conclusions about human nature being directed by our genetics and that our interdependence with nature is essential to the survival of our world.

We can all be guided by his ideas and inspired by his work as we continue our efforts at conserving our natural world here in Dane County for us today and for future generations.

William G. Lunney, Sun Prairie, president, Foundation for Dane County Parks

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