Exploding The Global Warming Myths

Are you a believer of Global warming or not? Or are you one of the cynics yet to be convinced? Well both have a part to play in the Global Warming arena debate. The whole issue is surrounded by facts and figures but when these facts and figures are looked at it is very difficult to prove them with science, so you end up with hearsay.

Global warming from our point of view is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air and oceans.

When paying attention to all the different global warming myths that are published in various publications, online, TV, and radio you will understand the issue with conflicting information. Because of these global warming myths come in many forms it is essential to understand the causes of global warming, and the facts attached to those myths.

MYTH: Water vapour is the most important, abundant greenhouse gas. So if we’re going to control a greenhouse gas, why don’t we control it instead of carbon dioxide?

FACT: Water vapour does trap more heat than carbon dioxide (CO2), but as CO2 levels increase in the atmosphere, they lead to warmer conditions, which lead to more water vapour in the air, which leads to even warmer conditions, thus a never ending cycle. Because of this relationship between CO2, water vapour and climate, to fight global warming nations must focus on controlling CO2.

MYTH: Global warming reduces as the ozone hole shrinks.

FACT: Global warming and the ozone hole are two separate issues.

MYTH: Global warming is not occurring due to some glaciers and ice sheets are expanding and not shrinking.

FACT: In most parts of the world, the shrinking of glaciers and ice caps have been dramatic. The best available scientific data indicate that Greenland’s massive ice sheet is shrinking.

MYTH: So what if global warming is a problem, trying to fix it will affect American industry and workers.

FACT: A well thought out trading program will harness American ingenuity to decrease heat-trapping pollution cost-effectively, jumpstarting a new carbon economy.

MYTH: The cold winters and cool summers that have been happening of late are not the effects of global warming, and are infrequent events.

FACT: While it is true that different areas of country’s have experienced some colder winters here and there, between them the average temperature has ben on the up.

MYTH: We can adapt to climate change. Civilizations have survived droughts and temperature shifts in the past.

FACT: Although it is true that the human race has survived an onslaught of drought and prolonged warmth along with the bitter cold and more, entire societies have collapsed from dramatic climatic shifts.

MYTH: Global warming along with extra CO2 will be beneficial, they reduce cold related deaths and stimulate crop growth.

FACT: Any beneficial effects will be far outweighed by damage and disruption.

MYTH: Global warming is just part of the worlds natural cycle. The Arctic has warmed up in the past as it is doing now.

FACT: The global warming we are experiencing is not natural. People are causing it.

While the global warming myth story is interesting, it does reduce the impact of the facts. But as they say “Truth is stranger than fiction.” The many myths on global warming doing the rounds are based on global warming statistics, just with a different view point.

It is always best, as with everything, to look at the global warming myth with an open mind. There is always two sides to every coin, so explore both before making your full opinion.

Perhaps this article on global warming myth with strike a chord with you and will inspire further reading into the subject.

Source by Paula Barton

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