Using public transportation can help reduce carbon emissions

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What will happen if we do not reduce our carbon footprint? I will tell you what will happen. If we do not reduce our carbon footprint, we will be leaving behind a legacy of extreme weather, poor air quality, less water in our rivers and streams, and increased plant and animal extinctions.

I attend King Middle School in Portland. My specific political message is that we need to use public transportation more often to move forward into a carbon neutral society.

Eritrea, Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Iran, Somalia, Uganda and Morocco all have been through countless droughts, and most of them are currently in one. That is why we need to work together and use public transportation to create a better future for the next generation without polluting the air. We need to use public transportation more frequently to reduce our carbon footprint. If someone cannot use public transportation for personal reasons, there are other things they can do. One of which is to donate money to climate change activists.

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