Clean up, reuse, recycle in the New Year | Giving

“These are very COVID-safe activities since they are outdoors and people can be distanced and stay in units with family or friends and it is a great time of year in Tucson to be active and get outside. You feel good physically and mentally and leave knowing you did something great for the environment,” Gannon said.

Another nonprofit working to boost the community through recycling is RISE (, an authorized Microsoft refurbisher that processes donated electronics—particularly computers, computer accessories, back-up drives, cameras, flat screen monitors and televisions, tablets, printers, cords, wires, cell phones—to sell at a reduced price to non-profit organizations, clients and low-income families and children. Under COPE Community Services, the organization is transitioning to Evolve, a program that provides job training in retail, warehousing and computer refurbishing. COPE provides healthcare, wellness and recovery to individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Last year during the pandemic, RISE provided more than 800 computers and laptops to children and families in need.

“Because everyone was working from home or going to school online, computers were in high demand. We still struggle to meet the demand and we take donations of all types of laptops, computers and tablets—both working and non-working. The ones we can refurbish need to be a little more up to date—five or six years old—but even if they are older than that we recycle them to keep them out of the landfill,” said Ruben Vejar, general manager of RISE.

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