The Vanishing Scenic Spots in the World

Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Since those colorful coral reefs are formed when water temperature and chemical composition reach a certain balanced point, the increasing temperature will definitely lead to the extinction of coral reefs. Many of the coral reefs in the world are suffering from “bleaching” because algae will parasite in the corals, leaving only the whitened outer form. Great Barrier Reef is located in northeastern coast of Australia, and consists of 2900 independent cays. It now suffers from a small extent of fading.

As predicted by the authorities of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, this phenomena will become more and more serious in the following decades. A expert on climate change holds the view that Great Barrier Reef is a valuable scenic spot. He said:”Touring around the Great Barrier Reef is a feast for your eyes. You can experience rare kinds of colour and diversity here. It is amazing to see the gathering of numerous marine organisms. Many diving tourists go diving in the Cairns of Queensland. If you are one of them, remember to be careful and do not stay close with the coral reefs, or you will do harm to them.

New Orleans in Louisiana, United States

The best measurement of climate change is the altitude of the sea-level. The melting of a large block of ice will cause a enormous rise of the sea-level. So will the melting of part of the Greenland and the west bank of Antarctic. However, as for those coastal cities such as New Orleans, they have been lying below the sea-level. Even in recent time, the rising water level will bring troubles to tourists and residents here.

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, United States

Crowds of beetles are chewing off forests in Colorado, turning those ever-green plants into red necrotic trees. Beetle disaster has covered all the mountains in western United States, among which Rocky Mountain National Park in the northwestern Denver is particularly serious. You still have a chance to see those lush, blooming trees if you visit there within ten years. Although some trees look red and beautiful, it should be noted that this color is not the natural color of pine trees.

Alps Glaciers in Swiss

The altitude of Alps in Europe is lower than that of Rocky mountain. The glaciers and skiing resorts here melt more easily. During the interview of National Geographic, an Australian climatologist once reveal that the famous glaciers of Alps will disappear during 2030 and 2050. A report in 2006 also reported that glaciers will melt at the end of this century.

Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil

In this world largest rain forestï¼OEdeforestation remains the main environmental problem. Local residents and companies always cut down trees in the forest in order to lay out farmlands and make biological fuels. However, the climate change is likely to make the environment even worse.

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