Alternative & Renewable Energy

Each person has the ability to change their world and in turn will bring us one step closer to a reduced carbon foot print and salvation for our planet Earth.Dire need:...

Blizzard fun for everyone!

Snowed in? Try these activities to keep you and your kids busy on your next snow day. Source link

Weather is Not God's Judgment – It's Weather

In the COG's, as with all Christian Fundamentalism, whenever there are major hurricanes, volcanoes, a day of tornadoes, earthquakes, storms, hail, drought, fire and frogs upon the land .......

The blow-by-blow: Snowmageddon vs. Christmas blizzard of 2010

The severity of two big winter storms from 2010 are compared, stat by stat. Which one emerges as the true snow storm of the year? Source link

Learn How to Survive an Urban Disaster

Natural disasters are bad enough. They can come out of the blue unexpectedly and create pain and havoc in our lives. But it seems that every time that we...

Rumble heard during East Coast snowstorm was thundersnow

A rare occurrence, thundersnow storms have intense snowfall instead of rain along with thunder and dangerous lightning. Source link

Blizzard rips off part of Wrigley Field roof in Chicago

Extreme winds have damaged the roof over the Wrigley Field press box in addition to other buildings in the area. Source link

Basic Survival Food Storage On a Budget

If you have not stored up food and water for an emergency or a disaster, this article could be a lifesaver for you and your family.Is your reason or excuse for...

Photo: Groundhog Day blizzard from space

A NOAA satellite captures the February 2011 snowstorm as it blankets the U.S. Source link

Epic weather: Alaska storm explained

An extremely dangerous storm is slicing toward northwestern Alaska and is expected to bring blizzard conditions and hurricane-strength winds to the state's west Source link