Basement Structure Mapped by Phase Autocorrelations of Noise


Within the final 15 years, cross-correlations of ambient seismic noise have been used more and more to disclose seismic waves propagating between seismic stations, with out the necessity to watch for earthquakes or to set off costly or controversial managed sources. These waves are utilized in flip to check the Earth’s velocity construction, with most early functions at crustal scale. Romero and Schimmel [2018] push the approach to shallower areas through the use of the excessive frequencies which can be out there from inspecting the phases of auto-correlation features of particular person stations to search out waves mirrored from beneath the stations. The authors evaluate these mirrored waves to seismic nicely log knowledge to find out the depth to a posh basement construction. Such understanding will permit for extra lifelike dedication of wave amplification which will trigger elevated seismic hazards when earthquake waves journey throughout basins.

Quotation: Romero, P. and M. Schimmel. [2018], Mapping the basement of the Ebro Basin in Spain with seismic ambient noise autocorrelations, Journal of Geophysical Analysis: Strong Earth, 123.

—Martha Ok. Savage, Editor, JGR: Strong Earth

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