Part One: The Five Biggest Threats to the Environment and What We Can Do About It


The 5 Largest Threats to the Atmosphere

Mass extinction. Arctic sea melts. Collapsing world fisheries. Raging fires. Crippling droughts. And trendy mud bowls.

The environment-and our capability to outlive on it-is being pushed to the brink.

I interviewed long-time environmental skilled and group activist, Tim Vendlinski, to debate the 5 gravest points going through the surroundings at this time and-more importantly-what every of us can do to assist to avoid wasting the planet.

Tim Vendlinski started his profession as an environmental advocate when he was 10-years-old. “Within the elementary college I attended there was this large oak forest behind us. Then someday, all these bulldozers confirmed up and began tearing the oak timber down,” Vendlinski mentioned. “Nicely, to the horror of the college principal and academics, I led a band of scholars to the development website and stopped them from chopping the timber down.”

Vendlinski later earned his affiliate’s diploma from the American River School, saved Arcade Creek-the final intact watershed[1] forest in Sacramento as a teen, and accomplished his bachelor’s diploma in environmental coverage and planning from the College of California.

Now at age 53, Tim has been combating for the surroundings for over 40 years.

1. The Lack of Biogenetic Range

The earth is now experiencing one of many best mass extinction within the planet’s historical past. The speed of species extinction is now 1,000 occasions as nice because it was earlier than the approaching of humanity.

“That is the largest ecological disaster-in phrases of sheer extinction,” Vendlinski mentioned. “We’ve misplaced extra vegetation and animals at this time, then when the dinosaurs died out 65 million years in the past.”

Though extinction is a pure course of, human actions like deforestation speed up these pure processes. Previously, a person species disappeared naturally at a price of about one species per yr and was changed by a brand new species. Scientists at the moment are calling this environmental catastrophe the “trendy extinction disaster.”

If present extinction charges proceed, one half of all species on earth can be extinct in 100 years. “It is a philosophical and religious drawback. We needs to be defending life. Life has an intrinsic worth. We must always honor life,” Vendlinksi mentioned. “However virtually talking, nearly the entire pharmaceutical chemical compounds in the marketplace had been derived from pure sources.”

2. Deforestation:

On the coronary heart of those trendy environmental disasters lie corruption, greed, and economics. Lumber, petroleum, and mining firms construct roads into the jungles. Governments encourage the poor individuals to settle in these areas, who should clear it for farming. Cattle ranchers require huge expanses for his or her herds, and land speculators clear enormous areas for anticipated income.

Nonetheless, the recovered land is fragile making a cycle of additional destruction.

This course of is named deforestation.

Tropical rainforests cowl about 7 % of the earth’s dry land. However these rainforests are being cleared at a price of about eight.5 million hectares per yr. “While you take a look at the speed of the Amazon deforestation annually, it is 100s if not 1000s of miles annually,” Vendlinski mentioned.

In keeping with the Nationwide Geographic’s web site, “Deforestation has many adverse results on the surroundings. Essentially the most dramatic impression is a lack of habitat for hundreds of thousands of species. Seventy % of Earth’s land animals and vegetation dwell in forests, and plenty of can’t survive the deforestation that destroys their properties.”

Deforestation can be liable for regulating water cycles, absorbing greenhouse gases, and stabilizing the earth’s local weather.

three. Local weather Change:

The earth is warming. The arctic ice is melting, glaciers are shrinking, and sea ranges are rising.

In 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Local weather Change, a global coalition of the world’s prime scientists, declared local weather change actual and artificial. In keeping with their information, IPCC concluded warming of the local weather system is “unequivocal.”

“We’ve the very best temperature ever recorded in the USA,” Vendlinksi mentioned. “The truth is, yearly now breaks the earlier document.”

These elevated temperatures are additionally inflicting extra excessive climate throughout the nation.

“We’ve accelerated temperature will increase with human actions, and we make the climate extra excessive,” Vendlinski mentioned. “So occasions like droughts, document highs, or hurricanes at the moment are extra excessive.”

Local weather change is now creating an unstable world and affecting international meals manufacturing.

four. Unsustainable Power Coverage and Overreliance on Fossil Fuels:

Through the Industrial Revolution, human beings harnessed the ability of fossil fuels-coal, oil, and pure fuel. For the primary time in historical past, machines changed man and animal energy. World populations skyrocketed. Economies flourished. And empires had been born.

However progress got here at a heavy worth.

First, fossil fuels are a non-renewable vitality supply. They take hundreds of thousands of years to develop, and they’re being depleted a lot quicker than they’re being fashioned. And second, the burning of fossil fuels produces roughly 21.three billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per yr.

That is the place the traces start to blur. Fossil fuels, deforestation, and international warming are so carefully associated, it is laborious to see the place one problem ends and the opposite begins. Just like the glaciers, the distinctions soften away.

In spite of everything, carbon dioxide-caused by the burning of fossil fuels-is the prime contributor to international warming.

And in the case of carbon dioxide emissions at this time, the USA is public enemy quantity two, behind China. Certainly, the U.S. economic system is constructed on fossil fuels. The truth is, we devour extra oil and pure fuel than another nation, and we rank second-behind China-in coal consumption.

“When Vice President Dick Cheney was in workplace, the Bush Administration vitality coverage was crafted by oil firms,” Vendlinski mentioned. “The administration formulated their vitality insurance policies simply with the vitality firms.”

Though the USA has four.5 % of the world’s inhabitants, it produced 18 % of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions in 2010, in response to the U.S. Power Info Administration.

For years, scientists and local weather consultants all over the world have warned us 350 components per million was the higher threshold of CO2 within the environment. As soon as past 350 ppm, they cautioned international warming may spin uncontrolled.

In the present day, the planet has 392 components per million CO2. In keeping with, we have to act quick if we would like a livable planet.

“Whereas the Bush Administration was belittling scientists and environmentalists on local weather change,” Vendlinski mentioned, “they had been concurrently making ready to reap the benefits of the melting ice sheet to take advantage of the oil assets.”

Our voracious urge for food for fossil fuels has many different penalties together with: polluting native environments by drilling for oil, leaking pipelines, discharging underground tanks, spilling oil from transport accidents, the routine flushing of tanks, and deep-sea drilling accidents.

5. Depletion of Water and Soil Sources:

Throughout the planet, a skinny, three-foot layer of topsoil gives meals crops for six.eight billion individuals and grazing for about four billion domesticated animals, however this nutrient-rich topsoil is in jeopardy.

“All life depends on the primary foot of soil across the planet,” Vendlinski mentioned. “We’ve the environment, and we’ve got that foot of soil.”

Scientists now estimate that we’re dropping roughly one % of our topsoil yearly due to careless husbandry[2], urbanization, plowing, overuse, irrigation, and chemical fertilizers.

“As well as, we’re destroying our recent water provides all over the world,” Vendlinski mentioned. “Via direct air pollution, mismanagement of our rivers, and the depletion and poisoning of our groundwater.”

Our rivers, lakes and oceans are being polluted by industrial waste, farm byproducts (resembling herbicides, fertilizers, and animal waste), metropolis sewage, and oil spills.

In the present day, contaminated water kills greater than 5 million individuals worldwide and practically 1.2 billion individuals do not need entry to secure ingesting water.

Like the remainder of these points, the excellence between land and water points evaporates upon inspection.

“Rivers are expressions of their terrestrial environment,” Vendlinski mentioned, “The rivers are there due to every thing round it. The timber. The forests. The way in which the water strikes off the land.”

As well as, fish populations are on the verge of extinction, the oceans have gotten extra acidic, and coral reefs are disappearing.

[1] In keeping with Environmental Safety Company’s web site, a watershed is “the world of land the place the entire water that’s beneath it or drains off of it goes into the identical place. John Wesley Powell, scientist geographer, put it finest when he mentioned watershed is: “that space of land, a bounded hydrologic system, inside which all residing issues are inextricably linked by their frequent water course and the place, as people settled, easy logic demanded that they turn out to be a part of a group.”

[2] Husbandry is the care, cultivation, and breeding of crops and animals. It is also the management-or mismanagement on this case-and conservation of assets.

Source by Brian Parham


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