Wounded Veterans Help Rebuild Coral Reefs at Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary [What's New]


A combat-wounded veteran cares for corals and tests new dive prosthetics in an underwater coral nursery.

Vulneror non Vincor, the Latin motto of the Fight Wounded Veteran Problem , means “I’m wounded, not conquered.” The maxim can also be relevant to coral reefs, which have declined worldwide in latest a long time, however profit from science and conservation efforts. To assist bolster coral populations in NOAA’s Florida Keys Nationwide Marine Sanctuary, volunteer divers with the Fight Wounded Veteran Problem and the youth group SCUBAnauts just lately joined scientists from Mote Marine Laboratory in reef restoration efforts.

Taking part veterans included amputees, double amputees, the recipient of a double lung transplant, and people with traumatic mind accidents. Some are outfitted with particular waterproof prosthetics that permit them to dive. The veterans, their SCUBAnaut dive companions, and Mote scientists transplanted 600 Staghorn corals on Keys’ reefs. On the identical time, the veterans have been testing new prosthetic gadgets for swimming and diving.

One wounded warrior mentioned after the dive, “Life shouldn’t be over. There is a future if you would like it. Generally all individuals want is a nudge. We’re nonetheless an lively a part of society, and we will be employed to do any job put in entrance of us.”

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