Monday, July 16, 2018
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Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness: What Is It? Maybe some of you have seen posters, ads, and the like carrying the exhortation ''Go Green!'' What does it mean to ''go green''? It takes a variety of forms, but essentially, going green means being mindful of the natural environment and making economic choices that aren't harmful to the physical earth. For example, this might mean purchasing a glass or ceramic water bottle instead of using disposable plastic water bottles: plastic takes an incredibly long time to break down, and a significant percentage of plastic makes it to the oceans, where it kills plant and animal life. Going green might also involve using an all-natural hair-care product, instead of a can of aerosol spray containing toxic chemicals. When people ''go green,'' they are practicing environmental awareness. The term means exactly what you expect it to: it means being aware of the natural environment and making choices that benefit--rather than hurt--the earth we all live on. In recent years, environmental awareness has gained increased attention. It is fair to say it has become a bit of a trend: from environmentally friendly tiny homes to organic food, environmental awareness is a hot topic. However, it is nothing new and it ought to be more than just a passing fad because of its importance. Let's dig deeper and learn more about environmental awareness.

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