Monday, July 16, 2018


Imagine earth without water. The soil, with no water in it and nothing growing on it, would be lifeless, dead, collapsed into dust, sand, clay or rock. Here we will collect resources, ideas, and hold conversations in our Unit of Inquiry about water. Our central idea is: Water is essential to life. Key concepts: form, function & responsibility. Related concepts: conservation, equity, processes, Lines of inquiry: Sources of water and how water is used,  What happens to water after we have used it, Distribution and availability of usable water, Responsibilities regarding water. Water Environment, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Urban Stormwater, Industrial Water, Water Utility Management, World Regions, Technologies, Water crisis , Water resource, Weather, Water Heating, Water & Waste, Sea-level rise, Plastic, Oil spill, Marine problems, Ocean acidification, Seafloor , Maritime Ecology >> Tell Us << You are witnessing of Pollution, tell us how you feel after witnessing this major event in history of the earth.