Monday, July 16, 2018
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Daily news articles relating Water quantity, The Earth times and pollution with daily updates on breaking news. Stay informed, learn how you can take action to reverse global warming. Wet and dry periods have major impacts on the water quantity and water quality of both surface water and groundwater systems. Water quantities go up during wet spells and down during dry spells. Dams and reservoirs help solve surface water quantity problems by helping to control floods during wet periods, holding back floodwaters and allowing them to release gradually, thereby reducing the impact of the flood wave generated by nature. At the same time, dams and reservoirs help maintain adequate water supplies during dry periods by impounding water -- perhaps generated during earlier wet periods -- and releasing it as needed. Climate change could therefore necessitate more dams and reservoirs, with the large economic and environmental costs associated with them, such as the impacts on communities submerged by reservoirs or the impacts on ecosystems caused by changes in the quantities and timings of streamflows. >> Tell Us << You are witnessing of Pollution, tell us how you feel after witnessing this major event in history of the earth.

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