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Introducing the Keypanion™ App

Southco is thrilled to introduce the Keypanion™ app, our new wireless access control solution. The Keypanion™ app enables a simple,…

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We humans seem to have a problem accepting the obvious. We squabble over the uncertain and ignore the undeniable. We fail to solve the things we can. Deforestation could be addressed – but it is not. Overpopulation could be addressed – but it is not. We humans prefer dramas. We prefer to fight over petty issues. We want to feel good, not do good. We don’t offer sacrifice, unless it is the sacrifice of someone else. The earth has problems, and we aren’t helping, not even those who claim to care.

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Carbon pricing works, major meta-study finds

by Ulrich von Lampe, Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate…

Ulrich von Lampe

Can marketing classes teach sustainability? Four key insights

UN SDG goals. Credit: The UN Young adults have an important role…

Brooke Klassen

Southern Africa seeks $5.5B in aid to fight El Nino effects

Gaborone, Botswana - Southern African leaders have launched a $5.5 billion humanitarian…



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The fossils being formed today will show how humankind disrupted life on Earth

by Mark Williams, Anthony D. Barnosky, Elizabeth Hadly and Jan Zalasiewicz, The Conversation Credit: CC0 Public Domain When we think of fossils it is usually…

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The (New) Blue Economy –

The Blue Economy has long history, dating back to at least 6000…

Bill Davis Bill Davis

Climate change is a human rights issue

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain In April, the European Court of Human Rights…

Kuan-Wei Chen Kuan-Wei Chen

State pressures Hadley to permit battery storage facility

HADLEY — Planning Board Chair Jim Maksimoski summarized the difficulties facing the…

Doc Pruyne Doc Pruyne

Daewoo E&C Eyes Investment in Infrastructure and Clean Energy in Cambodia

Seoul (FN), May 18 – Daewoo E&C expressed its intention to invest…

reaseyeam38 reaseyeam38

Family Braces Sees Brisk Start to Second Quarter as Calgary’s Largest Group of Orthodontists

Calgary's largest group of orthodontists, Family Braces, experiences a brisk start to…

Family Braces Family Braces