Earth changes

How is the Earth changing today? We already see effects scientists predicted, such as the loss of sea ice, melting glaciers and ice sheets, sea level rise, and more intense heat waves. Scientists predict global temperature increases from human-made greenhouse gases will continue.

A global plastic treaty will only work if it caps production, modeling shows

Credit: CC0 Public Domain An international agreement to end plastic pollution is due to be sealed this year in Busan,…

Costas Velis Costas Velis

Study shows severe droughts limit Amazonian communities’ access to basic services

Spatial distribution of media accounts of drought impacts in the Brazilian portion of the Amazon basin. Credit: Communications Earth &…

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Meteorological study provides enhanced understanding of tropical atmospheric waves

Satellite imagery from September 28, 2021, showing enhanced cloudiness and thunderstorm activity off the coast of Africa. This increased thunderstorm…

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Land protection initiatives reduced Amazon deforestation by up to 83%, new analysis finds

Differences in deforestation between PA types established after 2000 and alternative land…

Joe Stafford Joe Stafford

Loss of oxygen in bodies of water identified as new tipping point

a–c, Many regions have exhibited substantial deoxygenation due to factors including reduced…

Maike Nicolai Maike Nicolai

Climate model suggests extreme El Niño tipping point could be reached if global warming continues

El Niño-Southern Oscillation teleconnection in PR, here represented as the median of…

Bob Yirka Bob Yirka

Greece fears water shortages after warmest winter ever

The demand for water in summer is sometimes 100 times greater than…


Highway to hell? Plan for Germany’s biggest motorway sparks anger

A feasibility study recommends widening a key motorway in Germany to 10…

Sam Reeves Sam Reeves

9,000 evacuated in northeast Canada due to wildfires

Credit: Deep Rajwar from Pexels Around 9,000 people have been evacuated in…

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Along shifting coastlines, scientists bring the future into focus

ORNL scientists study the complex processes going on in coastal ecosystems such…

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Melting ice no guarantee of smooth sailing in fabled Arctic crossing: Study

Researchers say that climate change is causing thicker, more hazardous ice to…

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