Environmental pollution: causes, effects, and the remedies. Environmental pollution is not a new phenomenon, yet it remains the world’s greatest problem facing humanity, and the leading environmental causes of morbidity and mortality. Man’s activities through urbanization, industrialization, mining, and exploration are at the forefront of global environmental pollution. Both developed and developing nations share this burden together, though awareness and stricter laws in developed countries have contributed to a larger extent in protecting their environment. Despite the global attention towards pollution, the impact is still being felt due to its severe long-term consequences. This chapter examines the types of pollution—air, water, and soil; the causes and effects of pollution; and proffers solutions in combating pollution for sustainable environment and health.

New Zealand scraps plan to tax livestock burps, farts

Just under half of New Zealand's emissions come from agriculture, with cattle the main culprits. New Zealand's center-right government said…

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Caffeine may be a useful marker of wastewater leaks in storm drain systems

The collected water was very transparent but was found to contain up to one percent domestic sewage. While this level…

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Turning pine needles into energy to reduce wildfire risks

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The increasing frequency of environmental fires is a serious issue around the world and one that…

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Land protection initiatives reduced Amazon deforestation by up to 83%, new analysis finds

Differences in deforestation between PA types established after 2000 and alternative land…

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Loss of oxygen in bodies of water identified as new tipping point

a–c, Many regions have exhibited substantial deoxygenation due to factors including reduced…

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Climate model suggests extreme El Niño tipping point could be reached if global warming continues

El Niño-Southern Oscillation teleconnection in PR, here represented as the median of…

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Greece fears water shortages after warmest winter ever

The demand for water in summer is sometimes 100 times greater than…


Highway to hell? Plan for Germany’s biggest motorway sparks anger

A feasibility study recommends widening a key motorway in Germany to 10…

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9,000 evacuated in northeast Canada due to wildfires

Credit: Deep Rajwar from Pexels Around 9,000 people have been evacuated in…

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Along shifting coastlines, scientists bring the future into focus

ORNL scientists study the complex processes going on in coastal ecosystems such…

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Melting ice no guarantee of smooth sailing in fabled Arctic crossing: Study

Researchers say that climate change is causing thicker, more hazardous ice to…

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