Earth changes

How is the Earth changing today? We already see effects scientists predicted, such as the loss of sea ice, melting glaciers and ice sheets, sea level rise, and more intense heat waves. Scientists predict global temperature increases from human-made greenhouse gases will continue.

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Researchers track greenhouse gas emissions in Chinese value chains with an interprovincial input–output model

Net value-added emission transfer (in Mt CO2-eq) in the interprovincial value chains…

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Even the German Bight is warmer than ever before

Karen Wiltshire holds a thermometer. Credit: Esther Horvath, Alfred-Wegener-Institut / Esther Horvath…

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COP29 climate hosts say they’ll keep expanding fossil fuels

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The incoming president of the COP29 UN climate…

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Researchers propose new socio-ecological framework for sustainable reforestation in Karst regions

Sustainable Reforestation Framework Integrating Human Disturbance and Forest Evolution. Credit: YUE Yuemin…

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Debris hotspot map can predict dangers for threatened marine life in Australia

Credit: Tangaroa Blue Foundation A new study has identified the most likely…

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Study introduces ‘lake-smoke day’ metric

A smoke plume encroaches above Heart Lake in California's Siskiyou County. A…

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Development beyond 2030: More collaboration, less competition?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain UI Associates Ankit Kumar and Miguel Kanai and…

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A new era for an ancient river

Credit: Matt Twombly The largest river restoration project in U.S. history is…

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Ancient crustal weaknesses contribute to modern earthquakes in West Africa, study finds

New research delves into the mechanisms behind earthquakes in West Africa’s interior…

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