Earth changes

How is the Earth changing today? We already see effects scientists predicted, such as the loss of sea ice, melting glaciers and ice sheets, sea level rise, and more intense heat waves. Scientists predict global temperature increases from human-made greenhouse gases will continue.

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UK cities need greener new builds—and more of them

Manchester’s Castlefield Viaduct has transformed an abandoned elevated railway into a community…

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By not mining vital minerals, NZ is ‘offshoring its own environmental footprint’—is that fair?

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain When Resources Minister Shane Jones recently unveiled his…

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Scientists sound the alarm on pharmaceutical pollution crisis

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Our increasing dependency on pharmaceuticals comes at a…

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Researchers uncover decadal climate linkages between Western Australia and tropical Pacific

Teleconnections for the decadal sea surface temperature (SST) variability off western Australian…

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Gaps in stream monitoring may hinder water management in California, study finds

A United States Geological Survey stream gauge measures and records the level…

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Microsoft unveils Aurora, an AI-based weather forecasting system that can also predict air pollution levels

Aurora is a 1.3 billion parameter foundation model for high-resolution forecasting of…

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Torrent of volcanic mudflow hits Philippine village

Volcanic mud and debris washes through a village in the central Philippines…

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‘Painting with light’ illuminates photo evidence of air pollution

Airport Road, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - PM2.5 10-20 micrograms per cubic meter.…

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